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I wanna know who has custody of the paper airplane neCKLACE 

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why everybody should love taylor swift

  • taylor: spends her free time baking cookies, painting flowers, petting her cats and watching tv shows
  • taylor: doesn't pick on anyone
  • taylor: donates
  • taylor: visits sick children and paints guitars for them
  • taylor: replies to her fans' letters
  • taylor: invites fans to her house
  • taylor: gives her fans merch for free
  • taylor: says hi to fans wearing her tshirts
  • taylor: finds multiple ways to meet her fans (for free obvs)
  • taylor: follows her fans and gives them advice and likes their selfies
  • taylor: claims herself a feminist
  • taylor: writes amazing songs and wins hella lot of awards bc she talented
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…are you?

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Taylor struggling a little while taking a picture of the crowd

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A little rant. And I’m not a spoiled brat, I swear to God!

Don’t get me wrong, I think that the fact that Taylor invites fans to her place, bakes them cookies and let them listen to 1989 before it even comes out is the most amazing and thoughtful thing. And I am proud to call her my idol and I am proud to be a Swiftie, because who would do that besides her?

But I wish she would do something for the fans that doesn’t live in the US or in a country where she isn’t popular enough to get the tour there. Because these are the people that need to not only convince their parents to go to her concert, but to also fly to another country to do so. And my parents can’t afford something like that, even if I’ll pay for the concert tickets. And I saved up enough money for two concert tickets, but I don’t have enpugh for hotel, plain tickets, and everything around it; and I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation.

I just wish she would do something for those that don’t live in the US, because no body should give up their dream to meet her or see a concert because of where they were born.

I know this made me sound like a spoiled little brat, but because I don’t live in the US, and Taylor isn’t really popular here I’ll probably never get the chance to meet her, or see her in a concert and the thought is absolutely devastating

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I Ship Taylor with Happiness so hard

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“Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenager 
years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning
and asks if you want to go out for breakfast. As a teenager
you’re like no, I want to sleep. But as an eighty year old
looking back you have that breakfast with your dad. It just
little things like that, that helped me when I was a teenager in terms of making choices you won’t regret.”
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well yeah OF COURSE i would’ve never gone to a 1989 secret session because i don’t live in the usa


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trying to get taylor's attention

  • twitter fans: omg taylor i've loved you forever you're such an inspiration #slayor
  • instagram: *posts fan merch* omg taylor something really bad happened to me but your music always helps me :)
  • tumblr: no it's becky
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